The Jailbreak III Bug Hunt

Sexmachine writes in our forums:I am bugging the JB CoreDev team with collecting/posting reports of remaining issues/minor probs with Jailbreak III (SP2) at the moment. So if you know about something that does not work as expected, feel free to reply to this thread (try to add as much detail as possible to help us reproducing/hunting down the problem).

This is not to be mistaken as a promise for another version of JB3 (SP3) because right now there are no human resources left (while working on JB2003) to look into JB3 issues.So there you have it. I'm fairly confident that Jailbreak III completely rocks moose, but if any tiny little buglets are still around, let us know. Because, let's face it, we really like it when Sexmachine cracks the whip.