Defend the beer!

Image - Defend the beer!

Fed up with our Sunday Lockdown server lag problem? There is a temporary cure, and it's called JELP 2005. For those that don't already know, "JELP" means Jailbreak Euro LAN Party, and it's a long weekend of Jailbreak fun in the Netherlands, starting on Thursday 7 April. There are still places left, so if you think you can get you and your PC over to Geldrop, whether for the whole four days or to arrive on the Friday, check out the full details from Boost.

And just as a reminder of what JELP is all about, plenty of photos from JELP 2003 and JELP 2004 are in the features section.

PS. I tried to think of a good April Fools story, and couldn't. Sorry. Next year maybe?