Get your tiny pencils out

Image - Get your tiny pencils out

Some artists like to work on a grand scale. Some of Monet's paintings, for example, fill a whole room. But here at Jailbreak, we think it's about quality not quantity, and a small canvas can be just as expressive...

Now it takes a lot of classes to make Jailbreak work nicely, and as you may know, mappers' heads get easily frazzled with complicated things (I should know!).

So we like to make things easier for our mappers, and we like to make things pretty too, by giving each actor that appears in a map a nice icon for UnrealEd. Here's the ones we already have, for (left to right) the jail, the generic release switch, the arena, the jail camera and the timed trigger actor. The first four were made by ElBundee, the last by Spoondog.

Do you think you could join their rank by making us some custom icons?