Happy new year 2004!

Image - Happy new year 2004!

"But the New Year was in January," I hear you cry? But no! The year changes when Epic decrees it with a new version of Unreal Tournament! As UT fans all over are busily installing UT2004 on their hard drives (and, hey, Sweeney, where's my complimentary copy, huh?), so the thoughts of the Jailbreak team turn to Jailbreak 2004. Beta tester SirTahngarth has tried the current internal release of Jailbreak on UT2004, and reports that it works almost perfectly: "we need a MaterialSequence and a description for the gametype," he says.

The word from coder Mychaeel is that we'll probably be branching Jailbreak for UT2003 and UT2004. Maps are compatible and only minor changes will be needed for the new GUI. That way we'll be keeping up with the latest technology, while also supporting those who won't be upgrading just yet. (Tim, you have my address, right?)