Jailbreak 2003 and some Sunday Lockdown Screenshots

Image - Jailbreak 2003 and some Sunday Lockdown Screenshots

Mychaeel released Alpha 3 of Jailbreak 2003 this morning. Compared to what we have already there seems rather little left to do. Game mechanics work (albeit the arena hasn't been tested yet at all), bot support works and is being tweaked with every alpha release, and we got a working HUD.

What's left to do is creating a scoreboard, a user interface for Jailbreak key bindings, completing bot support and adding a Jailbreak mutator interface in order to add "llama" and "release protection" mutators. And maps, maps, maps...

In other news our Sunday Lockdown is still very popular and crowded. If you don't believe me, check out Robin 'Rob' Pamart's fantastic screenshots from last night and -in case you have missed them- those from last week.