All about 2003

Image - All about 2003

It's here. Finally. No one can deny it. Year 2003 has begun. To celebrate, we give away some information about the upcoming Jailbreak 2003 and present the first 'official' screenshot.

Mychaeel made the first alpha version of Jailbreak 2003 available to the core development team on Dec. 23, 2002 followed by the second alpha version at the early morning of Jan. 2, 2003. The basics of the Jailbreak gametype are implemented - there are jails and release switches and the bots know how to play - but as we're talking about an alpha version, there are a lot more features yet to come.

Some mappers already started to work on their first JB2003 maps and thus we are able to show you the first Jailbreak 2003 screenshot taken from SpoonDog's upcoming map JB-Isolated.

That's all there is about 2003 for the moment. Stay tuned!