Jailbreak 2004c (Service Pack 3) is finally available

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Told you so. We finally managed to dig up the Jailbreak 2004c update from under a huge pile of dust and made it available for download. That was about time, as a few maps already depended on this update and as a result never were released to the public either.

Here's an overview of the changes and new features in Jailbreak 2004c:

  • Additional maps bundled with the installer: JB-Aswan-v2 (replacing JB-Aswan), JB-Fragtion2-v2, JB-RimeValley, and JB-TheDecks.
  • Fixes for bugs or inconveniences on several existing maps. The maps themselves remain unchanged, but some gameplay changes are applied when they are played under JB2004c.
  • New add-ons: Arena Lockdown, Overtime Lockdown, Arena Spoils, Jail Fight Tally (now bundled with the installer), and Radar
  • Italian and Spanish text translations, next to German and French, which were already supported before.
  • New executions. Some of these are added to existing maps via the map fixes mentioned above, so don't be surprised if your favorite map doesn't push you through deadly lasers or set you on fire right away - a much more interesting death might await you!
  • Lots of new goodies for mappers who want to create Jailbreak maps. Thanks to Crusha K.Rool, some of the more generic ones are also available to other game types via his Ultimate Mapping Tools package.
  • Tons of bug fixes. You will find a complete list in Jailbreak2004c.txt in the UT2004\Help folder after installing.

Head over to our download page to get this latest and greatest Jailbreak for Unreal Tournament 2004.