We're getting things done - eventually

It has been over eight years (not counting map releases) since the last update to Jailbreak 2004. After releasing the Editor's Choice Edition, we've been teasing you for a few years with various screenshots and news posts about features being worked at. We never actually followed up with a release, though, and then even shifted focus to the UT3 incarnation of Jailbreak.

But none of the work we did so far is lost. After yearly failed attempts to release Jailbreak 2004c (aka. Service Pack 3), we are currently blowing the dust off our UT2004 copies and getting ready for a final test run. If everything goes well, we should soon be able to bring you the upgrade that will help you survive the next eight years. (Or it'll just help get over the idle time until the next version of UT3 Jailbreak is released. As I said: We're getting things done - eventually.)