JB-War released

Wiz has finally completed JB-War. Highly detailed with unique architecture, this one's certainly worth a look. Pick it up at his site.

Kudos go out to DireIce whose JB-MilitiaThunder is currently Map of the Week over at PlanetUnreal. Deservedly so, I might add. For more DireIce mappage, drop by his site. While you're at PU, notice that Muad'dibs Maps 'n Mess is their featured site for the week. Muad made JB-Skulldrudgery and deserves it as much, if not more, than the next guy.

Finally, thanks to those who participated in our Sunday Lockdown yesterday. BreakOut has some screenies of the event up that are both amusing and informative. We'll be there again next week, so if you want an opportunity to meet one of the the best teams of mappers and coders on the scene and smack them down mercilessly, be sure to drop by.