Last minute widgets

Image - Last minute widgets

There's always time for more widgets. Our beta testers have requested a countdown timer for the Arena Avenger Add-on, and I have volunteered to implement it. (Quick reminder: this component of Jailbreak gives the winner of an arena match an adrenaline power-up, so they can wreak terrible revenge on the enemy team.) Given that I know nothing about how the UT2003 HUD works, I was rather pleased that my changes to the code compiled at the third attempt. I was even more pleased to see that it worked exactly as expected: the adrenaline counter vanished and was replaced by the countdown showing the time remaining for the Avenger effect. There was just one problem... instead of counting down to zero, it was counting up. It seems my maths skills are even worse than my coding! Then I've had to repeatedly bang my head against the keyboard to get the replication aspects of the code to work.

Jailbreak 200x is of course being written by experienced coders who know what they're doing. I should reassure you that not one line of my sloppy code gets put in until it's thoroughly cleaned up, tested and de-moosified.

Lastly, here's a shot of JB-Conduit by ZedMaestro.