Blue as the Pacific Ocean

Image - Blue as the Pacific Ocean

Here's a shot of what looks to be a fantastic map by ZedMaestro: JB-SavoIsland. It's possibly the first Jailbreak map that's modelled on a real location, Savo Island in the Pacific Ocean. But I'll let ZedMaestro himself fill you in on the detail:

It was one of the many islands in Indonesia involved in the Second World War. (Hence the turret wreck meshes). It was all part of the Japanese offensive during 1941 and 1942. After the attack on Pearl Harbour and Midway, the Japanese moved onto the Solomon Islands, the main battle being at Guadalcanal.

From this, the Commandos 2 (C2) (a strategy/stealth game) scenario was made, where the Commandos had to land on Savo Island and destroy the powerful cannons that the Japanese had built on it. It was one of my favourite scenarios, partly because the level was visually fantastic, and so I thought I'd convert it to JB200x (and CTF in the end).