The llama is loose!

Image - The llama is loose!

One of Jailbreak III's best-loved, most original and above all, most fun features has been notably absent from our internal alpha versions so far... I speak of the llama hunt, of course. Originally, this sprang from a simple problem with Jailbreak: a jailed player can disconnect from a server, and upon reconnecting is spawned out of jail as a new player. This, naturally, is unsporting behaviour, that is, llama-ish in gaming slang. So for UT Jailbreak, a system was devised that would detect this happening, and brand someone cheating in this manner as a llama: their view is disrupted, and they are clearly marked for other players to hunt down, as punishment.

This was of course something we wanted to include in Jailbreak 2003, since it had grown far beyond a simple cheat-protection to being one of Jailbreak's distinctive features (and a rare opportunity for our coders to see just how seriously they can mess up a player's POV!). And now it's here, souped up for the new engine. As you can see from the picture, the llama now looks like... a llama! Other new effects on the drawing board include real braying sound effects, and a first-person HUD that could well cause a few upset stomachs. Llamas beware.