Image - Lockdown!

It's been a good start to 2005 with quite a few Jailbreak maps released in the last week, and even better news is that our warden Sexmachine has added them to the Jailbreak Mothership.

If you're planning a visit to tomorrow evening's lockdown, you might want to check the list of required files. There's Birelli's JB-Alarscia (in the screenshot), CoolDude's remake JB-Chrome, and of course ZedMaestro's Classic Maps Bonus Pack. We're also running the Q3AFeedback mutator.

Unfortunately, a few bugs have cropped up in both Alarscia and the Classic Maps pack; we're working on getting fixed versions out to you. These are relatively minor, just HOMs in a couple of the Classic maps and a quite weird intermittent glitch in Alarscia that to be honest we don't really know what to do about, they shouldn't spoil your enjoyment of our Sunday Lockdown. You know the time, you know the place, let's play some Jailbreak!