Magic Eightball

Image - Magic Eightball

Now for some reason, pool tables have a special place in the hearts of the Jailbreak community. One of the best-loved UT Jailbreak maps took place on a giant pool table, and a return to the genre was bound to come along eventually.

It was some time ago that I told you about Spoondog's work on a pool table map (and asked you about the name of the UTJB pool table map; it was GreenBaize, and RevBillyG wins a cookie). Now Spoondog tells me that his map, Eightball is coming up to the beta stage. Here's a shot of the execution sequence: some players about to be squashed by pool balls.

PS. Remember Sunday Lockdown tomorrow night!

PPS. Sexmachine tells me Rev was wrong about GreenBaize, that's the map he made for DeathBall. The Jailbreak map had the highly original title of JB-Pooltable. I'll have that cookie back now, Rev!

PPPS. Rev wasn't wrong. My fault. I misread the thread. You can have the cookie back Rev. But it's looking a bit flaky and soggy now.