New JDN Tutorials Online

Image - New JDN Tutorials Online

The Jailbreak Developer Network (JDN), our prime resource for all information regarding Jailbreak 200x content creation, is sporting two new tutorials:

  • JDN: Making Voice Packs, courtesy of RavuAlHemio, gently describes step by step how to create new Jailbreak Voice Packs using the JBSpeech Framework.
  • JDN: ASVehicleFactory_SentinelCeiling_Proj, courtesy of ZedMaestro and the coding work of Blitz, turns the well-known Assault Sentinel Turrets into a highly configurable and deadly means to dispose of a captured team. The tutorial covers all steps required to set up such turrets in your map, and the corresponding forum thread explains a bit about the new component's background.

While you're there, don't hesitate to explore the entire Jailbreak Developer Network if you're interested in creating custom content for Jailbreak or curious about Jailbreak's inner workings -- JDN is chock full of tutorials, documentation, source code and background information for your perusal.