Scoreboard clock

Image - Scoreboard clock

Work on the Jailbreak 2003 scoreboard continues. Here's the current design for the game clock.

The numerical display counts down the seconds to the end of the game. Meanwhile, the pie chart gradually increases to show how much of the available game time has passed. The red and blue triangles mark the moments at which captures occurred. You can see at a glance roughly how long it's taking each time to round up the enemy. If you see markers of your enemy's colour spaced close together, signifying frequent captures of your team, you need to rethink your strategy!

Tie captures can happen in Jailbreak, so for those there's a grey marker. Sexmachine writes: "I remember having some ties during our last LAN party and also on the server in the last few weeks... it's a great feature and always leads to a big laugh."

In games with no time limit, the clock starts with a scale of 15 minutes, then doubles the scale every time the clock limit is hit.