What makes Jailbreak so great? Apart from the team of uber-leet mappers, coders, testers and moose-cleaners who make it? And apart from the great maps, the downright twisted death sequences, and the scoreboard that makes you want to break down and weep with joy?

Well, we're a humble lot here at Jailbreak. We like to think that the best thing about it is, plain and simple, the Jailbreak gametype itself. CoolDude summed it up nicely in our forums recently:What's nice about Jailbreak is that it's got elements of Team Deathmatch, Domination and Last Man Standing. If you like you can play it with strategy. If you don't like the strategy part, just be an aggressive player.I couldn't agree more, even if I used both hands. Read the rest of the discussion (it's a long thread, and starts off on the subject of multiple switches), and brush up on your Jailbreak strategy too. I'll leave you with this titbit from SpoonDog:Don't die.Now I call that good advice.

Note: Following the crash of the Beyond Unreal forums in June 2003, the above threads were lost.