Scream for Screen

Image - Scream for Screen

It's back. Imagine the possibilities. Screen, Mychaeel's Unreal Tournament add-on component that did things you never thought were possible with scripted textures is back. The Jailbreak team has its mitts on an internal release of JBScreen for Jailbreak 2003. This will be bundled with Jailbreak 2003, just as Screen for UT was included with UT Jailbreak; and Mychaeel has hinted that it is the little brother of a future Screen 2003.

Here's a shot of one of the new features: 3-dimensional map display. 2-D maps are still available, and for those who pulled their hair out over the settings, Mychaeel adds: "I've also created (and bundled) a small Windows tool that helps mappers figure out the right values for 2D map surveillance screens (those dreaded coordinate settings, as you surely remember)." A player ranking display is in the pipeline too. Imagine the possibilities.