Sunday Lockdown again!

Image - Sunday Lockdown again!

After a few weeks of being too busy to get a real Sunday Lockdown running, we've once again indulged in our weekly habit of fragging each other on Sunday evenings. Playing Jailbreak III on Unreal Tournament again turns out to be quite a refreshing experience after all that Jailbreak 2003 coding we're currently being occupied with.

Rob has taken a couple of Sunday Lockdown screenshots for those that missed it.

In related news, SpoonDog temporarily went back to "old-school" Unreal Tournament mapping from his most recent UT2003 forays and presents screenshots of an upcoming urban-themed Jailbreak III map of his. Check it out and leave your comments!

By the way: Spoon describes how he ported some of UT2003's high-poly static meshes over to Unreal Tournament with the help of MeshMaker and says that he was surprised how well even the old engine can handle those meshes. Scroll a bit down in his forum thread for screenshots.