Classic Map Pack – return of the oldskool maps!

Image - Classic Map Pack – return of the oldskool maps!

Since the release of Jailbreak III, mappers from across the UT community have released maps for it, of all shapes and sizes. But despite all this mapping goodness, the regulars at the Sunday Lockdown still have a special place in their hearts for the maps they played in the early days of Jailbreak. Now these maps return, refreshed for Jailbreak III.

Here is the complete list of the 14 included and enhanced maps:

  • LostFalls, Nightmoves, SkullDrudgery (UTJB V102)
  • Coloraido, Deck16][, EternalCave, Face, November, LavaGiant, Niven, Phasma (MapPack V102)
  • CarpeDiem, Freya, PitOfDespair (UTJB V205)

We did rebuild one map from scratch (ty tarquin), added eight new arenas, created four more escape routes, changed a couple of jails, added transloc support and fixed the bugs we were aware of.

So if you want your translocator back in JB-November, if you like to escape from jail in JB-SkullDrudgery or if you like to gain freedom in the arena of JB-Face you better grab the classic map pack now: UMod Version or Zip Version (14MB each).

Update: All those classic maps are now in rotation over at (Sexmachine's Jailbreak Server - Password: utjb)