Three, two, one - JELP!

Image - Three, two, one - JELP!

The news moose has woken up again to the sound of a distant rumbling, shouting, laughter, and numerous offensive taunts which are unsuitable for a public website like this. That could only mean one thing: The Jailbreak Euro Lan Party 2004 is on the horizon, so close in fact that it starts today!

The JELP is a large get-together of many of Jailbreak's greatest, and not quite so, players from the far corners of Europe. This year sees no fewer than 27 Jailbreakers descend on Luetzel, near Frankfurt, in Germany for a whole weekend in the same house.
Of course, most of the time is spent playing the classic UT Jailbreak, but this year will be the first chance for a proper LAN of Jailbreak 2004.There will be blood, there will be sweat and there will be tears of happiness throughout the party. Preparations are frantically underway, from organising the people to organising the food and drink. There are also plans for a barbeque, so let's hope that the weather is sunny and warm.

This year is particularly unique in that Mychaeel, the lead coder of Jailbreak, will be popping in at some point for a few games. A chance to meet our community creator should not be passed off lightly. We'll be able to see how well the coder can play his own game too!

Unfortunately there will be no internet link for players outside of the LAN to connect via, but stats logging will be enabled all the time, and we'll see who comes out on top at the end! If you're not sure what goes on at a JELP, then don't fret since plenty of photos will be taken there, many of them probably requiring censoring, for your viewing pleasure. The stats and photos will be made available as soon as possible after this weekend, so hang around until the next news post for them!

And in the meantime, once the noise has died down, the moose may be able to get back to his beauty sleep.