Tourney day two

Image - Tourney day two

The 2005 Jailbreak Tourney continues, with two matches today. Teams CTM and DF play on the Defcon Mothership Server, and on the UnrealStarGate Server Chaos take on yesterday's winners TEZC. Both matches are at 20:00 CET. Check the match schedule and team roster for more information.

Birelli's got reason to celebrate in this screenshot from the first game of yesterday's match. You don't even need to know the score was 11-2, you can see on the clock that there's a distinct lack of red team captures. Can CTM recover from this heavy beating? How will TEZC fare tonight? Join in the discussion on our forum.

PS. It's not too late to sign up as a tournament freelancer, and fill in for team members in case of absences.