TEZC - unstoppable?

Image - TEZC - unstoppable?

Our Jailbreak fun tourney continues. The Enigma Zone Crew (TEZC) won their second match on Sunday, with another flawless victory: 8-0 on Aswan, 6-0 on their map choice Cosmo, and 5-1 on Castlebreak. Meanwhile, Clan Tournament Masters (CTM) lost their second match, this time to team DF.

Everybody had a day off yesterday, and tonight it's time for two more teams to enter the fray: Unreal Stargate (USG) play Victory tonight on the USG server.

CTM don't play again till Saturday, and TEZC return to face the Dutch Fighers on Friday. Will CTM recover from their initial setback? Just how unstoppable are TEZC? Are they set to repeat their win at last year's Jailbreak III tourney? There's a lot of debate in our forum about the games, but in true Jailbreak spirit, there's a good atmosphere and everybody is in it to have a good time. Good luck for tonight!