What are the scores?

Image - What are the scores?

You thought the Jailbreak III scoreboard was pretty damn cool, right? Well, it's a piece of crap compared to what we're working on for Jailbreak 2003. And I mean that in the best possible way – this takes the work of art that was the Jailbreak III scoreboard and adds a dash of slick and a smidgen of spiff.

And all this is from just a screenshot. Yup, you're seeing as much as I've seen so far. I dread to think what silky-smooth animation Mychaeel is cooking up right now in his moose-proof underground lab. I say dread because when the Jailbreak team sees it, we might all keel over and die in amazement. And then there wouldn't be a Jailbreak 2003. We're dicing with death each time we download a new alpha version here.

In other news: PC Zone Magazine (UK) reviewed Jailbreak III Gold recently: "... an essential in any UT fan's library. PC Zone verdict: 83%." I kinda think they liked it!