WOD reviews UTJB2

In an incredible act of one-upmanship, Weapons of Destruction has reviewed UTJB2 and found it to be exactly 1% better than ModSquad. That's 96% people. Out of 100%. That's a high score. In fact, it's the highest score they've ever given a mod. With this sudden influx of absoluteley ravashing reviews my ego is currently camping outside. It no longer fits through the door. Kobain thought the best part was the maps, however. I guess we just have some kick-ass mappers around here. A few quotes for your reading pleasure:

Hands down, they are the BEST maps I've ever played in to come with a mod.

Don't let anyone know I said this, but Phasma, in my opinion, is better then ever single map that came with UT!

Don't beleive me? See for yourself.