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What's New?



  • Human ladders: Stand on other people's heads.

  • Ducking actually reduces player height.

  • Overhauled release protection: New looks, and picking up weapons/shooting reduces protection time.

  • Pickups respawn after capture.

  • Separate capture time limits for botmatches and network games.

  • Transloc control for mappers: Designate translocatable zones.

  • Hammer fights in jail.

  • Advanced team balancing options: By clans, by skill.

  • Automatic (and manual) arena view.

  • Persistent global and server players stats.

  • Mid-game joining: Spectator mode until team is joined.

  • Last man standing message on the heads-up display.

  • Capture timeout disabled in Sudden Death Overtime.

  • Players get full health back on release and arena battle.

  • Pickups and weapons respawn before starting an arena fight.

  • Cheese.


  • Skinnable user interface.

  • Heads-up display: Complete visual overhaul (including a sweet new compass).

  • Scoreboard: Multiple sorting options, complete visual overhaul, detailed gameplay stats.

  • Death sequence: Cinematic widescreen, taunting last killer.

  • Game entry screen overhaul.

  • Llama effects overhauled (both first- and third-person).

  • Configuration dialog box overhaul, including new credits.

  • Botmatch/network game config interface overhaul.

  • New logo.


  • Completely new announcements.

Server Administration

  • Custom web admin interface.

  • Public server stats web page delivered by the game server.

  • Compatible with UTPure and CSHP.


  • Full Transloc control with translocatable zones.

  • Event support: ArenaStart, ArenaWin, ArenaTie events, Restarted event.

  • Multiple JailZones fully supported.

  • Customizable JailZone gibbing timeout.

  • TriggerAfter arena property really supported now.

  • Weapon pickups in jail stay there.

  • Map-embedded interface skins.

  • Map logo for game entry screen.

  • Console commands for map testing and debugging.


  • UTPure and CSHP.

  • Relics.

  • Custom bot models, including jail behavior.

  • Strangelove and Quantum Fighter Jets.

Bug fixes

  • Team balancing.

  • Custom bot models don't get their skins messed up.

  • Teamkillers don't get positive frags anymore.

  • Weapon pickups stay in jail.

  • Lots of arena fixes (most noticeable: No more or less than two players per fight, spawning rotation set correctly).

  • Performance tweaks (replaced a lot of AllActor calls by more efficient means, among other stuff).

  • Players are un-llamaized on capture.

  • Transloc exploits are thoroughly prevented.

  • Ghosts be gone.

  • Players don't stay frozen occasionally.

  • Guided Redeemers are handled correctly on capture.

  • Bots start fighting at once in the arena.

  • Players don't initially spawn in jail when flying there in pre-start spectator mode.

  • Removed Bonus Pack 1 dependency.

  • Audio announcements not truncated when switching viewpoints.

Map Intro Screen (click for a full view)

This is a screenshot of the new map intro screen. The custom map logo is at the bottom and can be included (or not) by the map author. 

(Click image for a larger view.)






Well, prisoner, Jailbreak is compatible with a lot of things. A lot of your favorite mutators will work with Jailbreak as long as they don't interfere with any Jailbreak-specific functions.


First off, it has been tested with version 436 of Unreal Tournament on all available platforms. It may work with older versions of the game, but we offer no guarantee. Jailbreak works with the same system requirements as UT itself. It works well with most mutators on the internet and included with UT, but certain weapon mutators (as well as others) may not work. Use mutators as your own discretion.


UTPure and CSHP are both completely compatible with Jailbreak. Relics are also fully supported. Custom bot models now work as well, and they make use of the custom jail behavior in addition to all this. Jailbreak now also works with Strangelove (a redeemer mutator) and Quantum Fighter Jets (a flying mod).



Known Issues


There are currently no known issues with this version of Jailbreak. However, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, be sure to either post it in the forums or contact the authors.





The credits are listed below, but can also be viewed in Unreal Tournament by going to the Jailbreak preferences dialog and clicking on the About tab. There they are displayed in a nice show along with other assorted information and humorous material. With no further ado, the credits, in alphabetical order:


Development Team

  • Daikiki

  • ElBundee

  • Mychaeel


  • Daikiki

  • DireIce

  • ElBundee

  • Hourences

  • Rob

  • Sexmachine

  • Snowdog

  • Tarquin

  • TheSpoonDog


  • Sioux 'NYGrrrl' Blue

Beta Testers

  • Birelli

  • Bonecrusher

  • Bonedigger

  • Caution

  • Foetal Youth

  • Ingus

  • LegalAssassin

  • Sexmachine

  • SnowDog

  • Tarquin

  • Tahngarth

  • TheSpoonDog

  • Underscore

  • WillySurvive

  • WiseGuy

  • Wiz


  • Borna Abramovic (Draskoviceva 31 Street, Zagreb, Croatia): Composed the "Propulsion" song in JB-Talaeron

  • Slick Willy: Created the firefly script used in JB-KGalleons][-III and JB-CloseQuarters-III.

Special Thanks

As mentioned above, the credits can be viewed in-game under the About tab in the Jailbreak preferences dialog. And don't forget to check out the Credits Flyby.


Jailbreak Credits Dialog



Copyright Information


This code is based on code that was originally reverse engineered from the beta5 release of the official Jailbreak by Team Reaction and Mongo, as is legal under European law, and was extensively rewritten to represent what is in effect a new product. Subject to European and Dutch law, this release may be distributed in a not-for-profit fashion over the internet in its original form with this copyright notice intact. All other uses are subject to explicit permission. This software is provided as-is. No warranty is made as to its suitability for any given purpose. All use is at the user's sole risk.


Copyright 2002 - The UT Jailbreak Team. All Rights Reserved. www.planetjailbreak.com


Inspired by the Jailbreak modification for Quake 2 by Team Reaction www.teamreaction.com



Fred was a player, he played for Red,
Put the smack on the blue team and now they're dead.

Fred was a player, he played for Blue,
Smacked down the red team as good as players do.

Fred played a Lockdown, he fragged like a freak,
He sent the blue team up the shit creek.

Roses are red, violets are blue,
Fred may be a lamer, but he still ownz joo.




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Copyright 2002 - The UT Jailbreak Team