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Jailbreak Manual



Welcome prisoner! Welcome to the Jailbreak training manual. 


Here you'll find everything you need to know about playing UT-Jailbreak.  From the basics of an actual jailbreak, to all of the features that make Jailbreak]I[ the most unique and exciting mod you'll ever get locked up in for Unreal Tournament.


If, at any time, you feel you know enough about the current tactic or subject we're briefing you on feel free to jump ahead of the squad to any section of your training using the navigation menu on your left. However, if you move ahead too quickly and fail to grasp a subject or two it could land your sorry ass in solitary.


Your sentence begins by selecting the NEXT link below. So get ready to pay your debt to the Tournament and enjoy your stay...


Oh yeah, if the screws haven't taken away your net access, the most up to date version of this manual can be found online at http://www.planetjailbreak.com/resources/manual/. It may have updates or fixes not included in the distribution version that came with the Jailbreak download (this one). 


Good luck!



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