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Public Game Stats


Every Jailbreak game server that has the web admin interface enabled provides a public game stats page accessible via the address http://<serverip>/ServerAdmin/stats/, where <serverip> is the game server's IP address.


Public Game Stats (click for a larger view of the image)


(Click on the image for a larger view.)


Starting a Server


Feeling up to running your own Jailbreak server prisoner? Nice! Running Jailbreak will probably attract new users since most players are getting tired of vanilla Capture the Flag and Deathmatch.


Setting up a Jailbreak server is not much different from setting up a CTF server. You can use a server.ini file that looks like the following one:





















You can edit the lines to fit your needs. For both Windows and Linux machines, change to your UnrealTournament\System directory and start the server with the following command line:


ucc server JB-Rune-III ini=server.ini log=server.log


Macintosh dedicated servers must be started from within the game. Go to the Game menu and start a Multiplayer Game with the Dedicated option.


Jailbreak uses slightly more network resources than regular Unreal Tournament games, but the difference is only a mere 5% or so.



Web Admin Interface


The web admin interface is a very nice new addition to Jailbreak for server administrators. It allows them to change settings on their server from their internet browser, which is a slightly less hassle than changing it in Unreal Tournament.


The Defaults section of Jailbreak's web admin interface has two extra settings pages for Pickups and Release Protection. Otherwise the web admin interface works like it does for any other Unreal Tournament game type.


Public Game Stats (click for a larger view of the image)


(Click on the image for a larger view.)


You can access the web admin interface via http://<serverip>/ServerAdmin/, where <serverip> is your game server's IP address. When you're asked for your user name and password, enter the information configured via the AdminUsername and AdminPassword settings in UnrealTournament.ini.



Using the Server Browser


If you want to join a server already online the easiest way is through the server browser. You just click on the Multiplayer dropdown menu while in Unreal Tournament. Then click on Find Internet Games and the server browser will pop up. The top of it will resemble the screenshot below.


When the browser opens click on the Jailbreak tab (shown in bold below) and wait for the games to be listed. Once they're listed you can click on any of them to view some current information. To join a multiplayer game just double click on it.


Server Browser



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