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About Jailbreak


All right prisoner. UT-Jailbreak is the Unreal Tournament version of the well known game type for the Quake series. The basics of the game are team oriented, you and your fellow inmates (but for sake of the tournament, we'll call them teammates) compete against another team in an attempt to imprison the enemy while avoiding being captured yourself. Frag your enemies and they are sent to prison. Get fragged, you go to jail.


Each team has their own base area which also includes a jail release mechanism. The release mechanism could be a button, lever, switch or other device that will free the enemy players from jail. If an opposing player manages to activate the jail release mechanism your jail will open and the enemy prisoners will be released! The object is to frag all the enemy players sending them to jail and protect the jail release in your base to prevent them from being freed. If you are successful and capture all the enemy players, the opposing team will be executed, your team will score a point and everyone in the game will be respawned to their own bases. Of course, if you and your entire team are unlucky enough to be captured by the enemy players, the other team scores, so try to stay out of jail pal! Whichever team reaches the set number of captures first (or has the most captures when the time limit is reached) wins! 


If you've played any of the Quake incarnations of Jailbreak you'll see that gameplay is quite similar. However, the Unreal Tournament version of this great mod contains many new features making it a completely unique experience.





Obviously you're gonna want to get this mod working right away and practice staying out of jail. Installing Jailbreak is easy for the average inmate. The mod is distributed in a .umod package, and contains all of the path information necessary. All you must know is the directory where Unreal Tournament is installed. By default, this is C:\UnrealTournament, but you may have changed it when you installed the game.


1) Find the spot where you have downloaded the Jailbrak.umod file and Double click the Jailbreak.umod file to open it. A screen will pop up displaying some information and a few buttons at the bottom. Click the "Next >" button.


2) Now you'll be faced with another screen. This is where you must know the directory in which you installed Unreal Tournament. If it's not C:\UnrealTournament then change it to the directory where you have installed UT. Once this is done click on the "Next >" button.



Installation Dialog



3) In the screen that pops up now you can select which components of Jailbreak you'd like to install. We recommend installing everything  The Description box shows a description of the component selected in the Components list. (If you have a newer version of the screen component already installed on your system you can uncheck the Screen v130 checkbox.)



Installation Dialog



4) Another screen will pop up. Click the "Install" button and all of the files required for Jailbreak will be installed to the appropriate folders within your Unreal Tournament directory.



Jailbreak Preferences Dialog


The Jailbreak Preferences dialog (located under the Mod menu in Unreal Tournament) has been completely revamped. It now consists of six different tabs. Since only five of them are actually settings and one is the credits, we'll only go over the first five here. Remember, in prison combat you'll have to react quickly, so make sure everything is set to your liking before proceeding into an actual match.


The Player tab. This section of the dialog provides settings for you prisoner! The Global Player Name is the name that will be used in game as well as for statistics keeping.


The Player Clan is where you put your clan tag, if you're in one. An example would be [JB1]. It's used for balancing teams by clans.


The Jailbreak Stats Password is the password you use for accessing your online stats. Remember, Jailbreak stats are different than 'ng' or other kinds of stats and use a separate password. Click the Show Stats button to view your current Jailbreak World Stats record.

Jailbreak Preferences Dialog

Now the Controls tab. This part of the dialog will set up your key bindings. Increase Bot Aggression will do just what it says: it will increase the aggression of the bots on your team. The more aggressive they are the more they'll tend to rush the enemy base.


Decrease Bot Aggression does the opposite: it will set your bots' behavior to a defensive style.


Switch Compass/Scoreboard Order will do two things. When you're playing a game it will change the focus of the compass from either the red release switch to the blue one or vice versa. When you have the scoreboard up it will change the way the players are arranged. You can order the scoreboard in seven different ways: by score, orders, name, ping, attack kills, defense kills, and released teammates.


View Arena Battle will switch your view from the arena back to the jail and vice versa when you're in prison and an arena match is taking place. The Automatic Arena View while in Jail property of this setting will, when checked, automatically switch your view to the current arena fight as long as you are in jail. That means when you're in prison, you'll automatically get a front row seat to any arena fights that take place! Remember prisoner, this can be a little disorienting at first but you'll get used to it.

Jailbreak Preferences Dialog

Alright, now for the Skins tab. Here you can select your interface skin, as well as set a few options dealing with the interface. The Select Interface Skin dropdown box allows you to select the skin you'd like the use as the default interface skin. You'll notice this at the beginning of each game, or when you view the scoreboard. This is the skin that defines your HUD in the JB game.


The Use Skins that are Embedded in Maps option will, when checked, use the interface skin defined by the current map (if the map has its own skin). If this option isn't checked, the default skin, chosen from the dropdown box, will be used in all cases. It's usually a good idea to check this box since embedded skins are usually jailhouse cool.


The Use Crosshairs Defined in Skins option will use crosshairs that are packaged with the current skin you have selected when it's checked. If the current skin doesn't have its own crosshairs then the default crosshairs for Unreal Tournament will be used.


The Download More Skins! button at the bottom of this tab will minimize Unreal Tournament and bring up a web page where you can download more custom interface skins! Customize the look of Jailbreak to your liking prisoner!

Jailbreak Preferences Dialog

The Protection tab is an important one. If you're playing on a server online the server admin will set these and any setting you make will not have an effect on the game, but if you're just playing against bots you can set them to your own liking. First of all, you must select an option from the Release Protection box to activate release protection.


If you select Invincible, prisoners who have just been released are protected with an invulnerable shield for a certain time or until they pick up a weapon. If you select Invincible/Llamaize, attackers who attempt to inflict damage on protected players beyond a certain damage threshold are llamaized in addition to that.


The Time Limit specifies how many seconds the release protection is active. Remember, prisoner, you cannot hurt any opponent with the release protection active.


The Taking a Weapon option specifies how many seconds the release protection remains active after a prisoner picks up a weapon.


The Using a Weapon checkbox will, when checked, remove a player's release protection as soon as they fire a weapon. If it's not checked then the time settings will take effect.

Jailbreak Preferences Dialog

And last but not least, the Pickups tab. These settings are, again, server-side (controlled by server admin) but you can set them for bot matches. Whenever a team is captured and executed, all of the items checked will be respawned if they exist in the map. Got it? Good!

Jailbreak Preferences Dialog



Starting a Game


Well, prisoner, I suppose now that you're all set up you want to actually play a game of Jailbreak. No problem. Jailbreak is similar in some ways to a game of Capture the Flag. But there are some very important differences too. Here, we'll just go over the settings custom to Jailbreak.


First off we have to select Jailbreak as the game type. In Unreal Tournament click on the Menu dropdown menu, then click on Start Practice Session. The following dialog will pop up.


Now, click on the Game Type dropdown menu and select Jailbreak.


Starting a Game

The Rules tab has some settings unique to Jailbreak. The Max Captures setting specifies how many team captures are needed to win the match.


The Team Balance dropdown option tells Jailbreak how to balance each team.


The Capture Timeout option is how long you have to capture an entire team. For example, if this option is set to five minutes and, after five minutes, an entire team has not been captured, everyone in the map is respawned. Try and capture your enemy as fast as you can prisoner, because if you don't they'll be released and will be hunting you down.


The other settings under this tab are all general ones from the stock Unreal Tournament game types.


Starting a Game

The only unique option under the Settings tab is the Transloc Delay one. It specifies how much time each player has to wait in between translocations. If this is set to zero seconds then there is no wait and each player can translocate constantly.


Also, the Jailbreak Settings button brings up the Jailbreak preferences dialog when clicked.


Starting a Game



Joining a Multiplayer Game


Alright then prisoner. After you've practiced up against bots you'll be ready to take your skills online and face actual opponents. Joining an online game (connecting to a server) is, again, quite simple. You just click on the Multiplayer dropdown menu while in Unreal Tournament. Then click on Find Internet Games and the server browser will pop up. The top of it will resemble the screenshot below.


When the browser opens click on the Jailbreak tab (shown in bold below) and wait for the games to be listed. Once they're listed you can click on any of them to view some current information. To join a multiplayer game just double click on it.


Server Browser



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