More Beta Mappage

Image - More Beta Mappage

ElBundee, author of Phasma, and on that merit alone one of the true greats of UTJB mapping, has been playing around with the much maligned DM-KoosGalleon and has come up with JB-Kgalleons. His reasoning is that, if one boat's good, two boats are better. And he may just have a point. Mind, this is another beta, since apparently it's beta season in the JB community. Having said that it looks promising and apparently plays quite well.

Pick it up and tell the author what you think over in the corresponding forum thread

In slightly other news, I just got an e-mail from Rob containing his new work, a conversion of his AncientTitan, already available in many formats. He's asked me to give it the once-over before upping it, so you'll have to wait a bit to get your hands on it. I hope the screenie will hold your esteemed interest until then.