Various News Bytes

  • IGN reviewed Jailbreak III Gold – You can find a Jailbreak III Gold review over at IGN ModWatch. Here's a small part of it: "Small download, easy installation, fun as hell. There is no reason not to pick this one up right now, so please do. It's easily one of the best UT mods around, and one of the better multiplayer experiences out there."
  • HomeLAN interviewed Mychaeel – John Callaham from HomeLAN interviewed Mychaeel about Jailbreak III, the Unreal-engine modding community and what Epic does for it. The interview is very detailed and interesting to read, so don't miss it.
  • Jailbreak goes Tactical Ops – eagleAR has released UTMod4TO Beta 1.10, a mod that allows people to play Jailbreak with Tactical Ops weapons and models. The mod sounds extremely promising and requires both Jailbreak and Tactical Ops to be installed. Give it a try!
  • modDB now includes Jailbreak – The aim of modDB is to list every mod regardless of game. Furthermore once a mod is listed an abundant amount of features is opened, allowing much promotion and invaluable interaction with fellow members. And Jailbreak III Gold is now a part of this nice idea.
  • BlueYonder supports Jailbreak III Gold – RevBillyG spread the news about BlueYonder (a UK-based GSP) and their brandnew support of Jailbreak III Gold through their bookable servers. So get logged in and start playing!
  • Updated JB-Hydro32 available – If you are tired being hunted down by pupaes out on bail or morons escaping jail via the arena you should download the latest version of SpoonDog's JB-Hydro32 immediately. This one is a must-download for all server admins too!
  • MotherShip gone Gold – Once again larrystorch did a tremendous job updating the MotherShip. He has added Jailbreak III Gold lately and so there are more than fourty shining maps in rotation waiting for all of us to join. Don't miss our weekly Sunday Lockdown and feel free to make use of the MotherShip any time you like.