Put a little smile on your face!

Image - Put a little smile on your face!

The mutator madness continues as I have added the BeyondUnreal Bonus Pack Mutator to our server for the upcoming Wednesday Parole. Once again the server is set up to send all necessary files (redirection is enabled) but this time I recommend to download and configure the mutator before you join the server, as you may like to modify the 'weapon priority' settings (have a look at the "Mod" menu).

Kudos to Wormbo and the whole BuF Team for creating such a great Bonus Pack.

JBTransloc mutator released

A new feature of Jailbreak III was the introduction of translocatable zones. Players can no longer translocate wherever they want whenever they want. To put it simply, players may only use their translocator while in one of these zones. However, there are people around who requested a mutator that completely enables or disables the translocator in all Jailbreak maps. Wormbo finally picked up that request and we are now able to give away his latest mutator, called JBTransloc.

Grab either the UMod Version or the Zip Version and vist our Additional Mutators section to have a look at all available Jailbreak III mutators.

Jailbreak III map pack

Image - Jailbreak III map pack

While we're spending hours playtesting the swanky Jailbreak 2003 Alpha, we've not forgotten that the Jailbreak community at large is still on Jailbreak III. Our resident slavedriver, Sexmachine, has corralled all the Jailbreak team members who have even sniffed at UnrealEd 2, and is making them complete their unreleased Jailbreak III maps for what we're calling the Custom Map Pack #3.

So far, we have maps from TheSpoonDog, Chezdog, Rob, WillySurvive amongst others. We have mostly new maps, with two conversions: Noxion and Phobos. They've even asked me to finish one of my attempts that's been sitting on my hard drive for months, tentatively titled JB-Moose-O-Rama, but after the fabulous screenshots I've seen, I might not bother.

There's no release date set yet, but keep your eyes peeled. We'll be posting screenshots of the maps in our Pic of the Week from time to time.

Update: Spoondog tells me that JB-Phobos is a new map, not a conversion: "a teamplay designed map built from the ground up with the same theme and similar z-axis gameplay... (plus a "borrowed" skybox and a couple of brushes)." That's me told. Sorry, Spoon.

Jailbreak goes PSI

Image - Jailbreak goes PSI

I finally found a weapon mutator for UT that works well online, so I have added PSI Weapon Dreams to the server for todays Wednesday Parole. The server is set up to send all necessary files (redirection is enabled) but you can also download PSI Weapon Dreams manually if you like.

Lets see if PSI-Jailbreak rocks or sucks, but be warned as the mutator eats framerates for breakfast.

Update: Good Lord it was fun, it was spammy, it was laggy but I have to tell you that the server has lost its parapsychological energy for now and such is back to normal again. See you there!

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