Forums are back up

Our Jailbreak forums on BuF are back up after BeyondUnreal's forum system crashed last week. As it had to be expected given the age of the backup the BeyondUnreal staff restored, all data in our forums was lost. Well, not much use lamenting their loss – head over and fill them up again!

The temporary forums we used while BuF was down are closed, but still available for reference.

BuF mutator down, temporary forum up!

Our Jailbreak III Server is back to normal once again, but as everyone seemed to enjoy the BuF mutator it'll return for sure some day in the future. Right now it's time for some standard Jailbreak fun, so don't expect any new mutators appearing in the next 10 days. Don't forget about our Sunday Lockdown and if you're able, make use of the GameVoiceServer too. Did I already mention that it's fun, fun, fun?

In other news, the BeyondUnreal staff has set up a temporary forum for all our discussion needs. We, the Jailbreak regulars, try to keep an eye on these temporary forums so if you have a questions or a suggestions that is somehow related to Jailbreak, feel free to post over there, but please stay away from useless flaming – thank you!

Forums down

BeyondUnreal's entire forum system is down, and so are the Jailbreak forums.

The BeyondUnreal staff assures they're busy working on getting everything up and working again. Till then, join us in chat (channel #utjb on or take a stroll in the public parts of the Jailbreak Developer Network to get a glimpse on Jailbreak 2003's technicals.

Update: BeyondUnreal informs us that the entire posting database was cleared due to a bug in BeyondUnreal's news management system. The forum database is currently being restored to the most recent backup which dates back to March 2002 (no typo). Since Jailbreak's forums moved to BuF after that date, they will be completely empty when they're back.

Like to talk to your darling...

Image - Like to talk to your darling...

...while playing Jailbreak III online? All you need to do is download GameVoice Share and connect to our brand new GameVoiceServer. It's IP adress is and the password is – once again – utjb. For more information, check out the GameVoice! thread and make sure to post your questions over there.

Update: Fun fun fun – if you don't have a headset yet, go and get one and join in whenever you like, to talk about whatever you like as the voice server is waiting for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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