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Map updates

/=- has posted on the forum regarding the release of an updated version of JB-Chasm. He's solved some zoning problems and has remodelled the jails. Check out JB-Chasm ][.
SnowDog has updated JB-Freya with a custom death scene and some tweaks for a higher framerate. This one will be in UTJB2 due out sunday, but if you really can't wait, you can download it from his site.

MasterBotAI and Badboy release JB-AF-Castell

MasterBotAI is at it again. He wrote me just minutes ago to inform me of the release of JB-Castell, an excellent looking map based on a medieval castle theme. I gave it a quick run through, since I obviously don't play enough UTJB as it is, and it looks sharp. There's even an interesting little surprise in store for people who stand in the wrong bit of jail. As we expect from Action Force maps, it comes with its own site. Download it, and tell us what you think in the forums.


Good news for mappers

ElBundee, that fine purveyor of killing scenes both gruesome and original, has written a little add-on for UTJB called JBspecials. Contained therein are subclasses of absolutely every monster from the original Unreal, tweaked and honed to behave as the finest of executioners. In addition, he has scripted an executorial airstrike, the likes of which is guaranteed to evoke shrieks of terror from inmates everywhere. But that's not all. He has also included a waterjailzone and a lavajailzone, and even a exmple map that dmeonstrates the use of each of these new features.
Download JBSpecials, but only if you intend to map with the new code. The .u will be included in UTJB2 so no extra download is neccessary for players.


UTJB texture pack available

MasterBotAI sends news of a new UTJB texture pack he has created. Eight textures in total, these three are just a sample. Looks like something we've been waiting for for a while. He also hints at a new UTJB map he's working on that is currently 75% complete. Judging by the quality of Coloraido, this should be something to look forward to.


Image - UTJB texture pack available
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