50 ways to kill your LaMer!

Image - 50 ways to kill your LaMer!

It's an average day in your average life and just like on any other average day in your average life you choose to play a couple of matches on our Jailbreak Server to bring this average day to an end.

Unfortunately there is this average guy, already playing some average games and after a few minutes he decides to do something very unexpected, something he thinks is funny and hasn't been done before, something that'll make everybody laugh because it's so unique and cool. That average guy starts camping in the enemy jail! And you have to agree, this is funny! Isn't it?

Well it is, since the brilliant and sometimes bored Wormbo came up with a brand new mutator called WrongJail. This mutator makes sure players don't camp inside the enemy jail as it sends a message to all players and either teleports that player into his own jail, kills him in one of several ways or helps the jailed players to kill that player by removing ammo or armor and health. You can grab this "way above average" mutator at our Additional Mutators page and figure out how it works at todays Sunday Lockdown.

And if that's not enough, you can connect to our GameVoiceServer and laugh along with some of the regular players, turning your average day into a day to remember. See you there and kudos to Wormbo for doing it once again!

Release protection

Image - Release protection

Here's a shot of the release protection effect our coder Crokx is currently working on. For those new to Jailbreak, release protection is one of several anti-llama systems. It makes released prisoners impervious to weapons fire for a short time, to make camping the jail exit pointless. It allows players to get home to base safely, but it comes at a price: either you can't inflict any damage to other players while you are protected, or as soon as you fire upon a player, your protection is removed. This option, as well as the protection time, can be set in the configuration options.

Release protection is a basic component of Jailbreak, but under our modular approach to code design, it is coded as a mutator. All Jailbreak-specific mutators will be grouped into their own tab in the UT2003 game setup interface.

Much agitation and animation

Image - Much agitation and animation

You'll be pleased to hear we haven't lost any work on Jailbreak 2003 in the recent Beyond Unreal forum crash, just a lot of discussion about it. Our forums are back up. The first thing posted in our shiny new Core Development board was a roadmap of things we still have to do: we're all back at work! (Our mascot moose is recovering from the crash and thanks you all for the messages of sympathy.)

One of our recent additions to the Jailbreak team is 3D modeler Stone_Krush. He'll be working on models such as jail doors, release switches, and anything else we think of. Here's a snip of a preliminary animation he's made for a jail release device.

Ready to explode?

Image - Ready to explode?

A long time ago, Trueblood requested to add the DE mutator to our server but unfortunately Digital Extremes released two different versions of the same file, leading to 'version mismatch' errors. To avoid this problem, Wormbo picked up Mychaeel's suggestion to rename the mutator and while he was on it, he did a little bit of tweaking too.

So thanks to Wormbo, our server is now making use of VolatileAmmo (ammo explodes when shot) and VolatileWeapon (killed players will discharge their weapon). The server is set up to send you the necessary file (redirection is enabled) and as it's a very small one, there is no manual download available this time.

Rethink your strategies, join todays Wednesday Parole and don't forget about our GameVoiceServer.

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