The Crusher

Image - The Crusher

RevBillyG has been working on this map for some time. The name JB-Crusher might be familiar to you: it was first of all a UT Jailbreak map, then Rev remade it for Jailbreak 2004. In his own words, "it was totally different from the original and, well, it was crap". So he's remade it again, and the result, after a month of beta testing and feedback from the community, is JB-Crusher2. This time, Rev writes: "Fairly tight and spammy as hell (like the original)". So, not crap then.

If you tried to join Lockdown last night and your ping was astronomical, you weren't the only one. We're looking into it.

Jailbreak Mothership changes IP

Defcon Servers banner

The Jailbreak 2004 Mothership has been moved from New York to Detroit and thus the IP has changed to ut2004://

Sunday Lockdown is still at 20:00 UTC, it's still hosted by DefConServers, it's just the physical location that's changed. See you there tonight!

EDIT: It seems everyone has had problems with lag on the new server, even people in North America. We're looking into what we can do about it.

Classic Map Pack on PC Gamer

Image - Classic Map Pack on PC Gamer

ZedMaestro sends word that his Classic Map Pack is included on the coverdisc for the March edition of PC Gamer UK.

And for those who haven't downloaded Jailbreak yet, they've also put the full JB2004 ECE install on there too. Here's what they say in their description:

It's a superb combination of CTF and Onslaught with a flavour that is all its own - not to mention the best scoreboard we've ever seen in a game, let alone a mod.

That last part has made Mychaeel extremely happy! Read more of the community's reactions in the forum thread...

Scorching hot

Image - Scorching hot

Two maps are released today, and are ready for your downloading pleasure on NaliCity. Firstly, Rob has made a conversion of the UT2003/4 DOM map ScorchedEarth for Jailbreak 2004. It's a great map, with a foreboding atmosphere, and I like the giant cog jail doors particularly.

The second map is ZedMaestro's remake of his UT Jailbreak map Furia. Following the recent news post on it he got a fantastic amount of feedback on the beta version, so be sure to check it out now it's final.

Both of these will of course be on the server for Sunday's Lockdown.

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