Galactica Fantastica

Image - Galactica Fantastica

A little over a month ago, I reported on how RevBillyG had started work on a new map, JB-Galactica, loosely based on Battlestar Galactica, though he doesn't say whether it's the 1978 TV series or the 2003 remake. But don't let that worry you: after three betas and many screenshots, the final version is here: download it from NaliCity.

It's already been added to our Lockdown server, so get some practice on it before Sunday, and while it downloads, you might like to find all the screenshots in the forum thread to see how this map has grown from the original idea.

Revenge of the Slith

Image - Revenge of the Slith

ZedMaestro informs us that in first year of university he is doing no work. You might want to keep that in mind, and suggest to him ideas for Jailbreak maps. If you want to ask him to remake your favourite UTJB map, you might have to hurry up. The remake crusade continues with JB-Relic. It's a pretty close remake of this old classic, with the same layout and the same weapons (the bio rifle replacing the ripper).

And the Slith are in, thanks to the custom SatoreMonsterPack. You'll find the beta version of Zed's new map in this forum post.

Frozen out

Image - Frozen out

Here's a new idea for a Jailbreak execution: encase the hapless prisoner in ice, rendering them motionless. Then shatter their frozen body into tiny pieces. Mychaeel and Spoondog are working on this for one of ZedMaestro's new vehicle maps.

For those who like technical details, this will be done by an emitter that spawns ice crystal meshes on the bones of the character model, and a second emitter that creates the shattering effect. There's also an ice material that is overlaid to the character's skin.

For those who like pictures, here's a shot of a frozen prisoner.

Return of the Mothership

As you read these words, JELP 2005 is already beginning. CoolDude posted in the forum to tell everybody he was on his way. Today is a sort of JELP preview, the main JELP begins tomorrow, Friday, so if you have this weekend free it's not too late to go.

There's some good news too for everyone who won't be at JELP in the Netherlands. DefConServers have moved the Jailbreak Mothership back to their New York server for the time being, so this Sunday's Lockdown should be a much smoother experience. The DefCon website mentions they are expanding to London... could this mean the Mothership is on its way to England?

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