Jailbreak 200x: RELEASED!

The wait has been long, but now the only thing that is now between you and Jailbreak fragging goodness is the download time.

We've been very fortunate to have a number of offers of mirroring. You can find the one nearest to you on our download pages. Be sure you download the correct version for your game.

While you download, you can read the manual (for Jailbreak 2003 or Jailbreak 2004) and listen to what UnrealGrrl has to say about it all!

PS We've just got some reports of an irritating little buglet that has slipped through the net: people on servers are getting the keybind window popping up whenever someone joins. TO FIX THIS, bind your Jailbreak keys manually in the game settings screen.

Nearly release...

Image - Nearly release...

I have just spoken to Mychaeel and he says we are still on course for release tomorrow. (But it's probably not a good idea to post threads titled "when when when" in our forums... we still have a lot to do and we're all feeling the pressure.)

Here's a better shot of what the observant among you saw yesterday: the all-new release switch. You may remember a different design in a much earlier news post. We liked it, but we had a number of problems with transparency. So we went back to the drawing board, and the result, I think, is fantastic.

I'm cheating a bit today: the featured map is JB-Poseidon, which you've already seen once. But there have to be some perks to doing PR... ;) You'll find a full-size pic in the features gallery.

High above the city

Image - High above the city

Today's feature map is JB-Heights by Spoondog. It takes place high up atop an unfinished skyscraper, among the cranes and girders. It's just one of several excellent Spoondog maps that will feature in Jailbreak. You can see the rest in the map gallery.

Look closely at the screenshot. There are one or two things I have not yet told you about Jailbreak 200x, and you can just about see one of them in this screenshot. More tomorrow!

Testing, One Two Three

Image - Testing, One Two Three

Three days to Jailbreak. I can tell you we are working flat out. We live, eat, sleep and even dream Jailbreak. Because Jailbreak is being released on two platforms, UT2003 and UT2004, we need two test servers, one for each game. Our 2003 server is being provided to us free by the lovely people at Not only that, but after release, that server will become our new Jailbreak Mothership, at which point it'll switch over to UT2004.

I've added a few more screenshots to the Features gallery this morning, thanks to our beta testers Boost and CoolDude who have been sending me plenty!

Lastly, for those who are new to Jailbreak, there's now a quick summary of what it's all about. And for the old veterans, just so you don't feel left out, here's a trip down memory lane.

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