More Vengeance

Avenger just wasn't enough was it? TheForgotten has decided that winning the arena deserves an even greater prize, and has created the Spoils of Victory Add-on. Not content to rest on that, he's also put together a little something that fans of Jailbreak III will remember: a re-creation of the NoJailKill feature.

Both of these are not fully tested yet. So perhaps you'd like to drop by our Maps and Mutators forum board and offer advice or encouragement? You'll find a number of maps in progress there too -- support your friendly neighbourhood Jailbreak mapper or coder!

Famous last map pack(s)!

Image - Famous last map pack(s)!

Some of you may remember this old news posting of mine about the Custom Map Pack #4 and it's progress. Seven months have passed and we are still working on the maps but here is the good news for today:

We are about to release not one but two Custom Map Packs in the near future and each pack includes at least nine shining maps for Jailbreak III. So stay tuned and play some more Jailbreak!

It's cold outside

Image - It's cold outside

It seems very quiet in our development forum, but I think that is just the gang taking a very well-earned break after release. We are still working on things... though slowly. In the pipeline is an update pack that will fix a few small problems in the bundled Jailbreak maps: mainly to do with Arena timings, but there will also be terrain fixes for SavoIsland and Conduit, and an optimized version of Arlon we hope.

Some of us have been working on Add-ons, but again, after the big push to release we're taking it very easy. I'm a bit stuck on mine, so if any experienced coders fancy helping me out... give me a shout in our forums.

ZedMaestro is working on his third map for Jailbreak, SubZero. You'll find more screenshots in our public mapping forum.

Works in progress

Image - Works in progress

It looks like some new Jailbreak maps are on the way. You can give TK v3's map ICSMH][ a test drive right away. ZedMaestro is working on updated versions of SavoIsland and Conduit, as well as a new map, SubZero. I'm working on something I call Promontory. And RevBillyG has let us see some pictures of a new map called Crusher: here's a screenshot. I have no idea if the name is a reference to the method of execution, but I am looking forward to finding out.

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