Service Pack 1

Less talk. More downloading. Jailbreak 200x Service Pack 1 fixes all the bugs we've been made aware of since we released a week ago.

Nine point four

My favourite reviewer quote so far is: "If someone told me that JB shipped with the retail version of UT2K4 I would sure believe them." That's from, and you can find more reviews of Jailbreak on our reviews page.

The JBSoundsOnly-voicepack has the distinction of being the first third-party extra released for Jailbreak (that I know of). Creator superchebs writes: I love the game but on frantic maps I find the announcers get a little tiresome. So my voicepack contains just sound effects which convey the important information. Find out more in his forum post or download it right away!

Vehicles and Service Pack soon

Image - Vehicles and Service Pack soon

First the big news: we hope to release a Service Pack in the next few days. This will fix all the known bugs that have come up since we released last week. You can see for yourself that the buglist is much shorter now.

Spoondog tells me he is working on two new maps that will feature vehicles. Here's a shot of JB-Oasis. The other map is set on a giant pool table, which brings back memories of a UT Jailbreak map that had the same theme... what was it called though? Does anyone remember?

Some bugs to swat

We've had a fabulous release. Our IRC channel #utjb was packed with people, and we slowed Beyond Unreal down with mirroring our files to the point that I wondered if I'd be able to access it to post yesterday's release announcement!

Now the not-so-good news: several bugs have been brought to our attention by players. One of the worst is not even the fault of Jailbreak, it's a known UT2004 bug: problems connecting to standard gametype servers. You can find a list of currently-known bugs on the JDN, along with any workarounds we know of. You can report new bugs to the team at our Support Forum or email

We are working on fixing known bugs, and we hope to release a Service Pack in the next ten days (as we'd like to make the MSU Phase 3 deadline!)

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