Unreal Tomorrow features Meet the Mod Team: Jailbreak Edition

The newly-launched Unreal-engine site Unreal Tomorrow starts its "Meet the Mod Team" feature series with a whole week of Jailbreak team interviews.

Head over and read an intro to the Jailbreak mod and gameplay on Meet the Mod Team: Jailbreak Edition, Day 1, and be sure to have a look when Tom Amaro gets close and personal with Jailbreak mapper SpoonDog in the second part tomorrow.

Make love, not jail fights

By request we've whipped up a small mutator that simply disables jail fights, imaginatively dubbed JailPeace. It's especially interesting for InstaGib (or other weapon arena) servers running Jailbreak III Gold. (On normal weapon servers, players should simply not switch to their Impact Hammer if they don't want to engage in jail fights.)

Find the full lowdown and a download link in this forum thread.

Custom Map Pack Sunday Lockdown

larrystorch added both custom map packs to the MotherShip server a few minutes ago. If you haven't downloaded them yet, you'd better grab 'em now to be prepared for todays Sunday Lockdown at the MotherShip.

Custom Map Pack #1 (15 MB) UMod Version and Zip Version (Epic Bonus Pack 4 required)

Custom Map Pack #2 (18 MB) UMod Version and Zip Version (Epic Bonus Packs 1 and 4 required)

Two more updated maps for free

The headline says it all. Robin 'Rob' Pamart has released JB-AncientTitan-III and I have modified a map from Cooper 'Bigbird' Faust, called JB-Scumbucket-III. As we don't charge you any money, make sure to grab them both.

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