Daikiki at the Lockdown

Check out the brand new Sunday Lockdown screenshots to see what I am talking about. Pictures courtesy of Rob 'F9' Pamart.

If you look closely enough, you may realize that we have had one hell of a time playing JB-miniFace. Kudos to larrystorch, who added this map to the MotherShip server a few days ago. If you haven't played this map yet, you better grab it now to be prepared for the next Sunday Lockdown on Aug. 25th 2002 at the MotherShip.

Don't lose your head

... if you missed our Sunday Lockdown once again, as here comes the latest collection of screenshots made during the games. Once again it was Rob, who did more than 150 of them. But don't worry, as we have set up a selection of "only" 51 pictures for your viewing pleasure this time.

If you still don't have enough check out this thread, where RevBillyG has added even more shots and 3 recorded demos for the JB addicted.

Hopefully we all meet again next sunday at the MotherShip for the upcoming edition of the Sunday Lockdown.

Face this brand new map

Image - Face this brand new map

WillySurvive has released his latest mapping masterpiece, called JB-miniFace. It's an explosive mixture between FacingWorlds (layout) and MidnightCity (looks).

No doubt, it'll be a blast to play this map online, as it is medium in size and packed with all kinds of weapons including the good ol' redeemer. To make the map complete, Willy has also added an arena and used a "never heard before" music track from boss RIOT.

Download it now and don't forget to tell Willy what you think about that map over here.

First official Jailbreak ]I[ Sunday Lockdown shots

Image - First official Jailbreak ]I[ Sunday Lockdown shots

It is good to see our Sunday Lockdown becoming more and more popular (and crowded) again. Robin 'Rob' Pamart made some fantastic screenshots for those who have been there and especially for those who missed it.

Have a look at the pictures, but be warned: Parental advisory - explict content! No edited version available.

If you like them, make sure to join us next sunday at the MotherShip for the next edition of the Sunday Lockdown.

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