All about 2003

Image - All about 2003

It's here. Finally. No one can deny it. Year 2003 has begun. To celebrate, we give away some information about the upcoming Jailbreak 2003 and present the first 'official' screenshot.

Mychaeel made the first alpha version of Jailbreak 2003 available to the core development team on Dec. 23, 2002 followed by the second alpha version at the early morning of Jan. 2, 2003. The basics of the Jailbreak gametype are implemented - there are jails and release switches and the bots know how to play - but as we're talking about an alpha version, there are a lot more features yet to come.

Some mappers already started to work on their first JB2003 maps and thus we are able to show you the first Jailbreak 2003 screenshot taken from SpoonDog's upcoming map JB-Isolated.

That's all there is about 2003 for the moment. Stay tuned!

Merry Christmas!

Image - Merry Christmas!

We have now added these three Jailbreak III mutators to our file database:

Mychaeel's JailPeace - UMod Version and Zip Version
Wormbo's NoJailKill - UMod Version and Zip Version
TheCatcher's RSIndicator - UMod Version and Zip Version

JailPeace disables jail fights, so players in jail cannot hurt each other anymore - regardless of their selected weapon. NoJailKill prevents jailed players from damaging (and therefore killing) free players. RSIndicator will hilight the jail release switches with either a glow, an icon or both.

Kudos to the makers. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our visitors, guests and friends!

Classic Map Pack – return of the oldskool maps!

Image - Classic Map Pack – return of the oldskool maps!

Since the release of Jailbreak III, mappers from across the UT community have released maps for it, of all shapes and sizes. But despite all this mapping goodness, the regulars at the Sunday Lockdown still have a special place in their hearts for the maps they played in the early days of Jailbreak. Now these maps return, refreshed for Jailbreak III.

Here is the complete list of the 14 included and enhanced maps:

  • LostFalls, Nightmoves, SkullDrudgery (UTJB V102)
  • Coloraido, Deck16][, EternalCave, Face, November, LavaGiant, Niven, Phasma (MapPack V102)
  • CarpeDiem, Freya, PitOfDespair (UTJB V205)

We did rebuild one map from scratch (ty tarquin), added eight new arenas, created four more escape routes, changed a couple of jails, added transloc support and fixed the bugs we were aware of.

So if you want your translocator back in JB-November, if you like to escape from jail in JB-SkullDrudgery or if you like to gain freedom in the arena of JB-Face you better grab the classic map pack now: UMod Version or Zip Version (14MB each).

Update: All those classic maps are now in rotation over at (Sexmachine's Jailbreak Server - Password: utjb)

Sunday Lockdown again!

Image - Sunday Lockdown again!

After a few weeks of being too busy to get a real Sunday Lockdown running, we've once again indulged in our weekly habit of fragging each other on Sunday evenings. Playing Jailbreak III on Unreal Tournament again turns out to be quite a refreshing experience after all that Jailbreak 2003 coding we're currently being occupied with.

Rob has taken a couple of Sunday Lockdown screenshots for those that missed it.

In related news, SpoonDog temporarily went back to "old-school" Unreal Tournament mapping from his most recent UT2003 forays and presents screenshots of an upcoming urban-themed Jailbreak III map of his. Check it out and leave your comments!

By the way: Spoon describes how he ported some of UT2003's high-poly static meshes over to Unreal Tournament with the help of MeshMaker and says that he was surprised how well even the old engine can handle those meshes. Scroll a bit down in his forum thread for screenshots.

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