BeyondUnreal Interview

larrystorch from BeyondUnreal has interviewed ElBundee, NYGrrrl, Sexmachine, Snowdog, tarquin and Mychaeel of the Jailbreak III team.

Head over any enjoy, and don't forget to post your comments in this BeyondUnreal forum thread!

Update: Sexmachine has set up a page with images of some of the Jailbreak III team over at UT Jailbreak Germany. Beware, if you look at this classified material, we'll unfortunatly have to kill you. ;-)

Jailbreak Ladders

Image - Jailbreak Ladders

No, we're not talking about human ladders this time. If you want to show off any of those, check this thread in our forums. (Nine players are the current record—can you best that?)

Back to business. The ILAN Gaming League (IGL) is offering an open InstaGib Jailbreak Ladder now. "We have found IG JB to be a awesome combo and would love to see you give it a shot," head admin DrateX from IGL exclaims, and all that's left for us to do is to vividly second that. Head over to their website and sign up!

While we're at it we'd also like to remind you of the Proving Grounds Jailbreak Weapons Ladder that's currently in progress and open for all teams (clans or not). Clan Lynch Mobb is currently leading the ranks. Grab a few mates of yours, click here and join the ladder!

Mothership Mapupdate

Once again it's larrystorch who's in the news. He has updated the maps of the Mothership server for even more fraggin' fun. Have a look at this thread for the complete maplist. He has also added the JB-Hammer mutator for those of you, who like to have more fun in jail.

Check out Mychs brilliant lockdown counter (at the top right of this page) and join us at the MotherShip for today's Sunday Lockdown.

New light through old windows.

Image - New light through old windows.

For all those who might have missed it, SpoonDog has released an updated version of JB-Hydro32 a while ago. Rob followed his footsteps and revised JB-Gauntlet-III. Both maps can be found in our mapdatabase. Enjoy!

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