Tourney: the final

Image - Tourney: the final

There have been some close shaves, some high thrills, and some good laughs. The 2005 Jailbreak Tournament is almost over. It's been well-fought on all sides. Boost and CoolDude deserve a huge round of applause for keeping it all together, keeping tab of results and rankings, and rearranging match times and recruiting stand-ins when pesky real life interfered.

In the battle for Bronze, Victory fought well but lost to Team Tarts (here's a shot of one of the Tarts celebrating the win).

There remains only the final, tomorrow at 20:00 CET. Five maps will be played in total between Chaos and TEZC. Looking at the rankings, I think it could be a very close one.

Tourney: Two more matches

Image - Tourney: Two more matches

There are two matches left to go before the semifinals. The rankings so far show TEZC in the lead with five wins, but Chaos and Tarts are not far behind, with four wins each. All three teams are involved in tonight's matches, along with DF who may have a chance to make it through to the semifinals.

It's all looking very close. Here's a shot of Chaos and Tarts battling it out in a recent match.

Coral reef

Image - Coral reef

I'm going to take a break from news about the Jailbreak tourney to tell you about ZedMaestro's work on another map. (Yes, another one!) It sports beautiful terrain, soft palm trees, and a soothing blue tropical ocean. I'm sure it'll be a great spot for some intense Jailbreak fragging.

This is a screenshot Zed posted of the release. It looks like players are being shot across from one island to another. Try the beta for yourself and find out!

Tournament rules update

Image - Tournament rules update

We're now eight matches into the tournament, TEZC having postponed Friday's match till June 21. CTM made a great comeback yesterday, with a flawless victory against Team Unreal Stargate (USG). Here's a shot from one of that match's final scoreboards showing a triumphant Spudsy... but you might notice that Spudsy isn't a member of the CTM team.

In fact, in CTM's second match yesterday, Spudsy was playing against them, as a member of Team Tarts. This ironic twist hasn't gone down well with everyone, so much so that the rules have been changed: from now on, freelancing players (who can be brought in to fill for absentees) must not belong to other teams.

Today's two matches have just been played, and CoolDude has posted a ranking of the teams so far.

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