Who let the dogs out?

Surprise! Surprise! From out of nowhere comes another great collection of maps for Jailbreak III as Team K9 have released the Team K9 Power Pack today!Here's what the Spoondog has to say about the pack:

Team K9 are proud to present to the community, the Team K9 Power Pack! This all—original map pack includes eight detailed maps designed to produce fast and furious action — hence the name 'Power Pack'. The maps have never been seen before, with one exception (Sprinta), and should be a hit at the lockdowns! Thanks to Wormbo, one map even includes a new weapon!

Who is Team K9? We are simply a pack of mapping dogs, Snowdog, Chezdog, and Spoondog. Sexmachine and Rob could also be included too because of the work they put into Arboria, Doom and Frostbite but not until they change their name to Sexdog and Robdog, muahahaha! Anyway, we started the pack almost a year ago, and RealLife meant that it got put on the backburner, but now, thanks to Sexmachine, Rob, and a renewed effort on our behalf, here it is!

-Team K9

Team K9 Power Pack (11 MB) UMod Version and Zip Version

Shorten your wait for Jailbreak 2003, grab this pack and start playing over at our MotherShip Server.

The great leaning tower

Image - The great leaning tower

The basic elements of Jailbreak — what we call the "core" — are more or less done, barring bugs and enhancements. The team is now turning its attention to implementing some of your favourite mutators and extras from Jailbreak III. One feature that is always tons of fun at Lockdown is the human ladder. No set of Lockdown screenshots is complete without a tower of people; and who could forget the outrageous competitions for the tallest ladder?

Wormbo is currently working on this. Let's peek in at him...

<Wormbo> bah!
<Wormbo> stupid bug
<Wormbo> hmm, all bugs are stupid actually, so that was a bit redundant... o_O
<ZedMaestro> what's the bug now?
<Wormbo> I'm just trying to recall which bugs the current version of the human ladders have
<Wormbo> one is that when the base player stands up, the upper players fall down into that player
<Wormbo> another one is that I can't reliably prevent players from standing up
<tarquin> human ladders? got a screenie?

That last line is your humble correspondant trying to scrounge a picture to show you good readers. You'll be pleased to know that I got a picture (as you can see), and that the problem was resolved. The player at the bottom of the ladder must remain crouching, or the players being supported will all fall off: we like to think of it as adding an element of skill to the proceedings.

That isn't the only cool feature of Jailbreak III that will be seen in Jailbreak 2003, albeit in an upgraded, snazzified form. But some won't: WrongJail for example. This was a mutator which was written to prevent something some unsporting people had been doing online: entering the enemy jail when the door was open and camping there. We won't be needing this because of the new class architecture in Jailbreak: jails work for any team; if you walk into a jail, you're treated as jailed. We like to think that only the really stupid will be trying that particular cheat.


Image - Switcheroo

The Jailbreak braintank is in session, pondering the look of our release switch. Ideas are zipping across the ether and our forum thread on the topic will soon be long enough to qualify for honorary membership of BuF's Off Topic board.

Here's a fresh screenshot, taken this morning from the suggestions that have been made overnight. It borrows the ring from the Double Domination control points, but a replacement is being discussed.

Play all day Sunday!

There's some more Jailbreak server action to tide you over while the development team are hard at work in this hot weather (except Spoondog of course). The guys over at are starting up a UT Jailbreak server, which they're calling Sunday Fragfest at "The Bighouse".

It will be taking place every Sunday at 8 PM CST, which our maths moose translates as 2 AM Monday morning UTC. So some of us will be able to start Sunday evening with the Sunday Lockdown on our very own MotherShip, and carry on playing through the night.

The Sunday Fragfest is at and will be running with Instagib, Mapvote, Jailpeace, and NoJailKill.

And if after a Sunday full of fragging and our Wednesday parole, you still don't have enough Jailbreak in the week, is hosting a Jailbreak Night every Friday night at 9 PM EST on

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