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We've decided to switch our forums to the IkonBoard message board system. Head over and tell us what you think.

And don't forget our tonight's Sunday Lockdown @875 (2000 UTC, 1500 EST) on QAPete's JailBreak MotherShip. Meet us in channel #utjb on if you're early.


Peoplez releases JB-Hyperblast.

Image - Peoplez releases JB-Hyperblast.

Peoplez, friend of Mychaeel, has tried his hand at Some UnrealEd action and has come up with a conversion of DM-Hyperblast. Although pretty true to the original it's very nicely done. The two release mechs are kinda close together which makes for very hectic play. Whether that's your thing or not I'll leave up to you. But I'd certainly give it a try. It's an impressive first effort.


CTF-Mutiny beta available for review

Image - CTF-Mutiny beta available for review

TheSpoonDog, that most omnipresent of New Zealanders, has released a beta of his forthcoming CTF and JB map, Mutiny. The map represents a pretty fine looking aircraft carrier. Several screenshots are available on his site, as is the map itself. Even though the beta is CTF, I'm sure your feedback will also benefit the JB version.


Absolute Lockdownage

Image - Absolute Lockdownage

This Sunday's Lockdown on the JailBreak MotherShip was a blast. Again. Thanks to everybody who participated. See for yourself.

Next time I'll probably record a demo and create some action-packed mid-game shots afterwards. Not easy to do that when you're in the midst of just that action... ;-)

Be sure to join us again next Sunday, and if you've got that distinct UTJB feeling sometime earlier, just stop by in channel #utjb on


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