Lawkdown Rawkage

Just wanted to say a big 'Thank You' to everybody who joined us for the Sunday Lockdown yesterday. Not only was it an absolute blast, but it was also the busiest Lockdown in a long time. My skillz may not currently be quite up to scratch, but I throroughly enjoy being smacked left right and centre by... well, almost everybody, actually. This was my first chance to play JB-CryptTitan online. Although it has a minor problem with the escape route not being part of the jail, it's a fun map to play and it has a very original atmosphere.
/me tips his hat to SpoonDog.
I'd also like to say how much I enjoy Midnight City. The Screens(tm) and custom textures make for a level that looks more Duke than UT. A welcome and refreshing change.
/me tips his hat again, this time to Willy and Mych.

I hope to see y'all next week for some more Lockage.


Map Database Online

Thanks to the 1337 coding skills of Mychaeel, we can now offer you a complete and up-to-date list of available UTJB maps, including thumbnails, download locations, and reviews where available. I just finished filling the thing in, you may find inconsistencies or errors. If so, drop me a line. If you're a mapper, you can gain direct access to the database in order to add your own map info. Just drop me a line. Bet you didn't know there are 36 UTJB maps currently available :)

See y'all at the lockdown,


Sunday Lockdown

You know the drill. Meet us on Sunday @875 (that's 20 GMT) on QAPete's JailBreak MotherShip or earlier in channel #utjb on and let the fragging begin.


Just the juicy bits, ma'am.

Image - Just the juicy bits, ma'am.

Some non-UTJB related news for you first: TheSpoonDog, that most skilled of chicken farmers, has released a beta of his new deathmatch map, XeneX. The screenies he's posted on his site are looking pretty sweet. Pick it up, play around with it, and tell Spoonie what you think. Deathmatch indeed. . .isn't that just Jailbreak without the jails and teams?

Also worth mentioning is that Caution has created an excellent write up on the virtues of DM-fane as a 1v1 map over at DireIce's place. A worthwhile read whether you be mapper or player.

Finally, some UTJB related tidbits. Mychaeel, the coder responsible for several of the mutators available for UTJB and the excellent Screen package, is working on a map database for this site. Mappers will soon be able to upload the latest info on their maps, including screenshots and download links. It's looking like this will be a valuable supplement to the services offered here. Oh, and this one really tickles my ego. hal, administrator over at da Planet, described UTJB as 'one of the top mods in all of action gaming' in his introductory posting. Take that, CounterStrike!


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