Sunday Lockdown

Prepare for another great Sunday Lockdown tomorrow evening @875 (that's 20 GMT) on QAPete's JailBreak MotherShip. If you're early, join us in channel #utjb on

Speaking of Lockdowns, Caution has put up a Lockdownage page over at JailCrew, currently featuring shots from the Lockdownage he and a couple of other guys enjoyed on the MotherShip yesterday. Head over and have a look.


Deja Crew

Image - Deja Crew

Caution sends word of very good news indeed. After much tweaking, revising, and redesigning, JailCrew has been relaunched. Not in the know? Originally launched about four months ago, JailCrew was a premier source of UTJB news, reviews, opinions, and the like. And now it is again. Their opening article? An interview with yours truly. My ego kinna take much more of this. She's gonna blow!

Congrats to Caution for a job well done in setting up a site that simply oozes professionalism.


It lives.

Thanks to the tender loving care of the nice people at EnterTheGame, we now have a permanent IRC channel there. A real one. With a ChanServe and everything. Anna Topic. And when I log in, it ops me. It's soooo cool!

/me composes himself.

Right, what I was trying to say is this: Feel free to join us over at #utjb on to discuss the game or find opponents. Or simply to hit people with fish.


Tuesday Lockdown

Image - Tuesday Lockdown

Thanks to all who participated in our totally unplanned Tuesday Lockdown this afternoon---we had quite some good games there, not to mention the time we were able to spend relaxing in jail... ;-)

When you're online, stop by in channel #utjb on Chances are good that you'll meet somebody there who's willing to give you a nice match on the JailBreak MotherShip. Frag on and have fun!


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