SnowDog releases JB-Rune

Image - SnowDog releases JB-Rune

SnowDog has ended his hibernation and provides us with his latest work of art, JB-Rune. Originally designed as a 1-on-1 map, this stage shows the beautiful interior of an ancient temple where luckless prisoners are sacrificed to mythical gods. Download it now, and visit this thread to offer SnowDog your feedback.

Update: Caution from Jail Crew has already reviewed JB-Rune. Read the review and post your comments in our forums.

-Daikiki (but only by proxy)

Sunday Lockdown

While Tuesday and Friday Lockdowns are great, our beloved Sunday Lockdown™ still remains the greatest. So be sure to stop by on QAPete's JailBreak MotherShip this afternoon @875 (that's 8 PM GMT or 3 PM EST) and feel free to join us in #utjb on before.


Friday Lockdown Shots

Rob has sent in a couple of cool screenshots from yesterday's Friday Lockdown on the JailBreak MotherShip. And have a look at this thread in our forums for details on more Lockdown events.


JB-Antipody-110 Released

Image - JB-Antipody-110 Released

TheSpoonDog has done it again: Grab the new version of JB-Antipody and check out this thread in our forums to post feedback.

Designed as a worthy successor of the Facing Worlds arena (read Spoon's readme file and you'll know what I mean) this map features nicely designed map surveillance screens in every jail, not to mention a breathtaking warp tunnel effect and a particularly hazardous escape route with a couple of TheSpoonDog's beloved pupae on its way. And best of all, the jails underwent Spoon's well-reputed Bone-proofing procedure.

Update: The GeoCities download location is down (I guess GeoCities simply couldn't handle all that traffic ;-). I've put up a temporary mirror: Download it here.


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